Twitter Introducing Official Tweet Buttons

Twitter has developed an easy way for web developers to add a Tweet button to any web site with a single line of code. It will also show how many people have tweeted or retweeted that page.

This is great news for web publishers, as it makes it that much easier to integrate Twitter into your site. More info at Mashable:

Dan Lockton of Design with Intent has created this set of design ideas for guiding the behaviour of users, "101 Patterns for Influencing Behaviour Through Design: Oblique strategies for changing and controlling behavior". There are some really interesting ones in here, worth reading. You can order a set of printed cards, or you can download the PDF for free.

For example: “What happens if you set people a challenge, or give them a target to reach through what they’re doing?” You are not forcing users to complete the challenge, you are just encouraging them to do it by offering an interesting activity for them to...

Social media scoops big media on earthquake news

An earthquake hit southern Ontario near Ottawa today, with a magnitude of 5.5 at 1:41pm.

The interesting thing about it to me is how people immediately turned to social media for their news. Not to TV, not to radio, not even to web sites.

Social Gaming is the new big gaming frontier

Zynga, the company that brought us Farmville on Facebook launched a new game 2 weeks ago called Frontierville.

The game has attracted 5 million active, daily players in that short amount of time!